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Velva won the first bout convincingly by a 36 6 final score on Sept. 18.But that game has served as a turning point for Ryan, as the Lions have gone 4 0 since en route to a region title, scoring at least 31 points in three of those games.Ryan seemingly has revenge on its mind, but the Lions insist they aren looking at it that way.not worrying about anybody else, Ryan quarterback Eli Stewart said.Stewart mindset is a smart one, as lengthy layoffs have a tendency of killing momentum. By the time Saturday evening contest kicks off, it will have been 15 days since the Lions last played a game.On the other hand, Velva has found its own momentum following its 23 22 upset win at No.

You can cancel your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership at any time. You will have an option to end your subscription on its expiration date. Depending on your subscription’s status, you may also have an option to end it immediately with a refund of the price you paid for Ultimate only.

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